Grade B eggs

Since I use a lot of eggs in cooking and baking, I’ll be buying grade B eggs while I’m on a strict budget.

From, grade B eggs:

  • Are mostly used for commercial baking or go to hospitals, restaurants, etc. Very few are sold at retail stores.
  • Yolk is slightly flattened; white is thinner.
  • Shell is un-cracked and may have a rough texture; and/or be slightly soiled and stained.

The farmer’s market that’s a short walk from my house sells grade B eggs for $5.50/flat (30 eggs, 2 1/2 dozen). They also sometimes sell eggs that are just past their expiry date at a discount. (Great for deviled eggs since they’re easy to peel. I have a normal immune system and have never had any issues eating eggs well past their expiry date, much less ones a few days past their expiry date.)


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