Saving bacon fat – but not too much

My mantra when I’m struggling with the desire to keep something I don’t need is “clutter is not frugal”.

If your fridge is cluttered, you’re more likely to waste food because of items getting pushed to the back and forgotten. I’ve been saving bacon fat in a glass jar and using it instead of butter or oil to fry eggs or roast or fry vegetables. My temptation is to keep saving it, or pour the fat from the bacon I’m cooking on top of the last batch of bacon fat, but I remind myself that I only need enough bacon fat until the next time I cook bacon. (I have no plans to make bacon soap, although it is a fun idea.) For me, this means that when I cook bacon I can green bin any bacon fat that remains from the last batch. (The green bin is used for municipal compost in my area.)


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