Coconut mint chocolate bark

Coconut mint chocolate bark

When I first started eating low carb, I tried sweetening baker’s chocolate with stevia, and then with 10% erythritol, both of which were horrible. It turns out that the Lindt 90% chocolate bars have a lot more cocoa butter than baker’s chocolate does, which is why they’re not horribly bitter. Cocoa butter is expensive so I started playing with coconut cream, which I can get for 99 cents for a 150 g block at the local Chinese market. I imagine unsalted butter could make an interesting variation.

My house is fairly cold in winter (18 degrees). I’m not sure whether at a more normal room temperature the bar would be sliceable, but worst case you could always refrigerate it for a short time then try to slice it. When I brought it into work, by afternoon it was decidedly squishy. (I ate it with a spoon.)

I noticed today that when the chocolate is mostly cooled I could scrape it off the silpat and it was pliable. It could be pretty interesting to drape it over a muffin cup and make dessert cups, or roll it around a skewer and make chocolate straws.

The erythritol makes the bark a bit crunchy, but I like it. (I recently tried xylitol in this recipe and i think it’s equally good.)

150 g coconut cream concentrate

4 oz unsweetened chocolate

6 Tbsp erythritol or xylitol

1/4 tsp stevia (I use Frontier co-operative white stevia powder – based on the amounts I see in other recipes, I think this is a very concentrated stevia)

3/4 tsp mint extract

Melt the chocolate with the coconut concentrate in a double-boiler. Add the remaining ingredients. After they are thoroughly combined, taste the mixture to make sure it’s sweet enough for your tastes. If not, add more erythritol or stevia. Pour the mixture onto a half sheet pan lined with silpat or parchment paper. Let the mixture cool to room temperature then cut into pieces. Refrigerate until firm.

The nutrition is for 1/25 of the recipe – 1 net carb per serving.



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