Dry black soy beans

I picked up some dry black soy beans ($1.59 for 375 g) and dry regular soy beans (99 cents for 350 g) at the Chinese market today. In English, the package reads black beans but in French it reads soja noir. After the beans had soaked for a while, I tried peeling back the skin because I’ve read that the flesh of black soybeans is green. It looks pretty yellow to me.

I’m planning to make homemade soy milk (I have a soy milk maker) and eventually homemade tofu. (I still have the tofu coagulant that came with my soy milk maker. I don’t have a press, but I plan to make one.) I’ve enjoyed the black soy bean soy milk I’ve bought at the Chinese market. (It costs $3/2L whereas regular soy milk costs $2/2L at the Chinese market. Making either variety of milk at home will, of course, be much less expensive.)

The nutritional information on the package reads:

  • Regular soy beans: 29 g carbohydrates and 6 g fiber for a 48 g serving.
  • Black soy beans: 54 g carbohydrates and 20 g fiber for a 95 g serving, which is 27 g carbohydrates and 10 g fiber for the 48 g serving.  

So the regular soy beans have 23 net carbs and the black soy beans have 17 net carbs for the same serving size.

The Eden canned black soy beans I’ve bought list 8 g carbohydrates and 7 g fiber per 130 g serving, cooked.

It’s hard to compare without precisely measuring beans before and after cooking (and of course that doesn’t take into account any carbohydrates that are lost in the cooking water), but it appears that  37% of the carbs in the dry black soy beans are fiber whereas 87.5% of the carbs in the canned black soy beans are fiber.

There are many varieties of soy beans so it’s possible that Eden cans a lower carb variety of black soy beans. I’m not sure that for the amount I eat in chili it’s worth it to me to pay so much more for the canned beans to save a few grams of carbohydrates.

I’m excited, too, that I should be able to plant the dry black soy beans. (Black soybean edamame?)


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