Whipping cream

I’ve decided to make whipping cream a treat rather than a staple. The least expensive whipping cream I can buy costs $5.49 per litre, compared to $3.99 per litre for coconut milk. I’m also lactose intolerant, so using coconut milk saves me buying lactase enzyme. Here’s a nutritional comparison between 100g of each. (Summary: similar carbohydrate and protein content but coconut milk has less fat.)

I enjoy yogurt, and I’m currently eating yogurt I bought before starting my budget. One option is to buy whole milk and make my own yogurt. The least expensive way to buy milk here is in 4 L bags, which might make more yogurt than I could finish in a reasonable time. I could make yogurt with some of the milk and paneer with the rest. I might also try making coconut yogurt. (I’ll try culturing it with dairy yogurt since I don’t need it to be dairy-free.)


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