Today’s farmer’s market haul

My farmer’s market trip was a bit light on vegetables because I still have lots of frozen vegetables, as well as carrots, celery, onions, green onions, daikon, and bell peppers at home. I spent $14.95 – not bad at all.

$3.35 for a bit over 1 lb of ham kielbasa (the nutritional info for kielbasa on google says it has 4 g carbs per 100 g kielbasa – it surprises me that it would be this high)

$2.25 for 1/2 lb of country bacon (It had a strip of cartilage and a couple small pieces of bone in it but cost $4.99 per lb compared to $6.99 per lb for the other bacon I saw at the market. It tastes great. I ate the bacon off the cartilage, picked out the bone, and gave the cartilage to the dogs.)

$1.65 for 1/2 lb of a sausage that was on sale, might have been called peasant sausage

$5.50 for 30 grade B eggs

$1 for a bunch of broccoli

$1.20 for almost a pound of crooked cucumber

I came home for a lunch of pumpkin pancakes (topped with vanilla-stevia yogurt – they go well together) and fried ham kielbasa.

Coconut milk in coffee is growing on me – I might actually prefer it to heavy cream.


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