Roasted kohlrabi

The discount produce at the Chinese market has been good to me lately – today I got over 1 kg of kohlrabi for $1. (I was there for romaine and celery, so my total with those was $3.88.) I peeled, diced and roasted the first 3 bulbs in butter, oil, salt and pepper. Be sure to peel a thick layer off it – I thought I’d peeled enough but there were some stringy bits.

I found it quite similar to roasted potato when it got soft. I ate it with mayonnaise since I’ve always liked french fries with mayonnaise. I’m thinking I’ll make some fried fish (tilapi tastes nice and is quite reasonably priced) and roasted kohlrabi sometime for a play on fish and chips.

One recipe I saw recommended roasting it with parmesan and garlic, which sounds pretty great, too.

1 cup of raw kohlrabi has 3.1 net carbs.


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