Homemade soy milk and tofu

I tried making soy milk using my black soy beans, but I’m not patient enough to remove the skins so it turned out a pretty ugly black colour. I’m going to save the black soy beans for things like chili in future.

I’ve made a few batches of soy milk using the regular soy beans – 1/2 cup of beans (about 90 g, 25 cents worth from the Chinese market or 40 cents worth of organic soybeans from the health food store) makes about 1 1/2 L of  soy milk. It’s good for cooking with just a pinch of salt, but normally I add 1/4 tsp. stevia and 2 tsp. vanilla extract for drinking.

I’m going to make tofu by following this recipe. I can get tofu pretty inexpensively at the Chinese market but homemade is supposed to be really tasty. I’ll report back on whether I find it worth the time.


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