Paneer from frozen milk

I followed this recipe to make paneer using some goat milk I had in the freezer. (Except I used bottled lemon juice. Fresh lemon juice does not make a difference – I’ve used vinegar in the past, too, with equally good results.) Normally I would have thawed the milk at room temperature, but I was a bit impatient so I put it in a pot and let it slowly melt on low before bringing it to a boil. For some reason, the curds wouldn’t form properly – despite boiling the mixture vigorously and adding more lemon juice, the curds stayed small enough that they passed through the cheesecloth. I strained what I could to make a soft cheese and then used the whey, diluted with a bit of water, as a foot soak. My feet feel great 🙂

Homemade paneer has always worked before, so I’ll still do it again.


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