Pork hock

At the market today, I picked up a smoked pork hock ($2/lb, $4.45 total), broccoli ($1), my usual 30 grade B eggs ($5.50), a local “second” tomato ($1.29/lb, $1 total), a crooked cucumber (90 cents), and a quart of jalapenos ($2).

Before I ate low carb, I would have made split pea soup with a pork hock. Right now, I’m simmering the pork hock in water to make a broth. After it’s cooked, I plan to refrigerate it so the fat solidifies on top and then set the fat aside for cooking. I’ll use some of the broth to cook black soybeans for black soybean soup. I’ll use some of the meat for a ham and onion frittata. It should be good eating!

Edit: OK, how does something I simmered in plain water for 3 hours taste this good? When I removed it from the water (now broth), piece by piece because it was so tender, I tried a bite then decided at 11 o’clock at night to have a serving of it with dijon mustard. It’s moist, not too salty, tender, delicious – better than most of the hams I’ve had.


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