I’ve been drinking smoothies to satisfy my sweet tooth lately. I use about 120 g of berries, a cup of thinned coconut milk, plain yogurt, or unsweetened soy milk, and a squirt of flavoured (usually vanilla) stevia. I need to remember to use blueberries less often, or use only half a cup when I use blueberries, since they have 17 net carbs per cup compared to raspberries’ 6 and strawberries’ 8. I figure that the sugar I’m getting in the smoothies offsets the sugar I was getting from prepared low carb foods, like Atkins peanut butter cups and no sugar added ice cream.

Looking at this list of carbs in berries reminds me how much I like mulberries. They will be in season in a couple months – a lot of people plant them as ornamentals here and don’t mind when I eat them.


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