Market and groceries

Great day at the grocery store today – 4 L of whole milk (to make yogurt) for $4.88 and 500 mL of whipping cream for $1.99. It’s been about a month since I bought whipping cream so having it feels like a treat.

I still have carrots, celery, onions, daikon, and most of the cabbage from last week, so the only vegetables I bought at the farmer’s market were 3 cucumbers at 3 for $1.

I bought 4 1-lb packages of strawberries for $5. I normally buy frozen berries, but at $3-5 for 500 g, it’s much less expensive to freeze berries from the farmer’s market. (They’re not local – local ones won’t be out for a couple months and are more expensive. I freeze them by washing them, hulling them and cutting off any soft spots, then arranging them so with space between each berry on a baking sheet. I freeze them in the deep freezer for a couple hours, then once they’re hard put them in a plastic bag.)

I have some No Sugar Needed pectin and plan to make strawberry jam with some of the berries.

I also picked up 2 flats of grade B eggs – I seem to eat a bit more than a flat per week so I’ll occasionally need to buy 2. I also picked up 2 lb of chicken liver ($1.89/lb), some gypsy sausage ($3.49/lb) and some Polish sausage ($2.99/lb). The dogs will get some of the chicken liver and I’m planning to make chopped liver with the rest.


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