Pumpkin pie

I made the pumpkin pie (p. 201) from The Joy of Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Baking. I made it with the almond-pecan piecrust (p. 196). The crust was a bit thicker than I’d prefer – I might halve the piecrust recipe next time. The crisp crust above the pie was especially nice. The only change I made was to use heavy cream instead of soy milk and 30 drops of caramel stevia instead of the liquid stevia. The pie turned out really well. It was nice to have pumpkin pie with a crust after making several crustless pies.

It was my first time making pumpkin pie with generic Splenda instead of a sugar alcohol. I think I prefer the sugar alcohols slightly, but I’d have to try the same recipe with a sugar alcohol to be sure.

(On a frugal note, this was the last of a can of pumpkin I bought a while ago. I can buy kabocha squash inexpensively at the Chinese market, so future pies will be made with that.)


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