Low carb chocolate pecan pie bars

Admittedly the only thing that’s low cost about this recipe is that I used only ingredients I had on hand, but I made low carb chocolate pecan pie bars tonight. My changes: guar gum instead of xanthan gum (like usual  – I probably have about 5 years worth of guar gum at the rate I use it now), plain erythritol instead of swerve, 70% cacao chocolate chips instead of chopped bar.

I waited until the bars were almost cool to try one. So good! Knowing that I can occasionally have amazing things like these makes it easier to contemplate staying low-carb long-term.

A more detailed review: The cooling effect of the xylitol and erythritol is quite noticeable, but not unpleasant. The caramel layer is quite thick – I might increase the crust measurements and bake the bars in a 9×13 pan next time.

I’m tempted to add a bit of cinnamon or nutmeg to this recipe.


When I tried to cut them while they were still warm, they didn’t cut easily. Cutting them with a sharp knife after they were fully cool worked much better.


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