Cocoa-Nut Brownies

I made the cocoa-nut brownies from The Joy of Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Baking today. (You can see the recipe here.) I added a few shakes of salt to the recipe since I thought the salt in the butter wouldn’t quite be enough. I used 1/2 cup of erythritol and 1/2 cup of generic splenda instead of the 2 cups of splenda the recipe called for and I found the brownies sweet enough so I don’t recommend using the full 2 cups. (I think it might be a misprint since the measurement for the other sweetener is typically half the measurement for splenda and in this case it’s a quarter.) They taste good and are nice and moist. (I took them out after the 15 minutes + 10 minutes.) I wonder if a bit of guar gum might be a good idea to help them stay together as they have a tendency to crumble.


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