I made ricotta by following this recipe. I omitted the optional salt (so that I can feed the whey to the dogs) and reduced the recipe by 1/4 to suit the amount of milk I had. (So I used 1 1/2 L of milk and 1/4 cup lemon juice.) It turned out beautifully. I’m surprised given how close the process is to making paneer that the result is a creamy, soft cheese.

It does work out to be less expensive than buying ricotta – 1.5 L of whole milk cost $1.90 and 1/4 cup of bottled lemon juice costs about 13 cents. This made 12 ounces of ricotta, which would typically cost me about $4.

I ended up cooking chicken quarters to feed the dogs in the whey, so they ended up with extra-tasty chicken broth.


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