Homemade sour cream – try #1

When sour cream is on sale and heavy cream isn’t, it’s not typically economical to make sour cream at home. But sour cream isn’t on sale this week and I had some heavy cream I bought on sale for $2/500 mL and some whole milk, so I decided to give this a try. This didn’t work for me – the cream ended up mildly sour but stayed liquid. (I used it in smoothies.) I’m going to try buying some live culture sour cream since I expect the culture must be different than the culture in yogurt. I could thicken the cream with guar gum, but I’d rather try to find a way to make sour cream with just cream, milk, and culture.

2 parts heavy cream (I used 240 g)

3 parts whole milk (I used 360 g)

a couple tablespoons yogurt

Heat the heavy cream and milk together to 180 degrees. Pour the mixture into one or more heat-safe glass jars, like mason jars. Cool to 110 degrees then stir in the yogurt. Wrap the jars in a heating pad on low and let the sour cream ferment for 6-8 hours.


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