I’m getting low on sweeteners, so today at WalMart I purchased 275 g of generic splenda for $7 + tax and 200 packets of generic sodium cyclamate for $4 + tax. The generic splenda should measure out to the equivalent of about 11 cups of sugar, which works out to 72 cents including tax per cup. I’m not sure if the sodium cyclamate packets replace 1 tsp or 2 tsp of sugar (silly that the box and the packets don’t say), so the box is the equivalent of either 4 cups or 8 cups of sugar. This works out to either $1.13 per cup or 57 cents per cup.

Edit: Since I’ve been happy with the formula from The Low Carb Gourmet of replacing 1 cup of sugar with 1/4 cup equivalent of sodium cyclamate and 1/4 cup of generic splenda, the per cup equivalent cost works out to only 32 cents per cup. Pretty sweet 🙂

(I did end up finding the Sugar Twin cyclamate drops and brown and white sugar measure-for-measure sugar replacement with maltodextrin at a different grocery store. 1/4 tsp. of the drops replaces 1 cup of sugar. They’re available in the name brand only, so they’re fairly expensive. I’ll look into them further if I like the results I get with the packets.)

I’m going to take The Low Carb Gourmet out from the library again since it has a bunch of recipes that call for sodium cyclamate that I want to try. (Sodium cyclamate is not available in the US, so not as broadly used in recipes as Splenda.)

Long-term, I will be looking into buying sucralose without the maltodextrin bulking agent to save some money. I found a bunch of hits for pure sucralose on ebay.

I’ve read that sodium cyclamate is available as a liquid, but haven’t found a source for it yet. (The sodium cyclamate packets I bought are bulked with dextrose, so assuming that one packet replaces 2 tsp sugar, the dextrose in the packets could contribute up to 20 g of carbohydrate per cup of sugar replaced.) But I’ll see if I even like the taste of it in baking before looking further.

I didn’t make it to the market this week, so I bought a bunch of my produce from WalMart, too – 77 cents for a cucumber, 97 cents a pound for a tomato, 97 cents for celery, and 77 cents for cilantro. I’ll be back there after I run out of olive oil – they had extra virgin for $4/L, which is very good.


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