I made the brownies from The Low Carb Gourmet. You can also find the recipe here. My changes: omitted the instant coffee, used drained whole milk yoghurt instead of part of the cream cheese, used 6 ounces 70% cacao chocolate instead of the unsweetened chocolate, reduced the sugar twin and splenda by half to compensate for the added sugar from the chocolate, and used a mixture of almond flour and walnut flour. The texture is halfway between a light cheesecake and a brownie. I’m tempted to try melting the butter, chocolate, and cream cheese together so that the mixture ends up more dense. The flavour is very good.

It was my first time using drained whole milk yoghurt instead of cream cheese in baking, so fingers crossed it will be OK. I do want to try making proper homemade cream cheese. I just need to pick up some rennet. (Which would also mean I could make homemade mozzarella. I did it once before in a cheesemaking course. It was fun and tasted great.)

About walnut flour: I used the last of my commercial walnut flour and tried making some in my spice grinder with some frozen walnuts I had on hand. Nope – it turns to butter very, very quickly. So I probably won’t be using walnut flour anymore – it’s much less expensive to buy almonds and make almond flour, and I didn’t find that walnut flour gave that different results in the recipes I tried it in.


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