Finding recipes for what you have on hand

I want to make bread with peanut flour, so I googled “peanut flour” bread recipe. The quotation marks around “peanut flour” mean I’ll only get it as a phrase, so I won’t get results for recipes that contain peanut butter and wheat flour, for example.

My initial results included a lot of recipes with bananas and I don’t have bananas, so I added -banana -bananas to exclude results with these words.

As I often do, I ended up adding “low carb”|paleo to my search since the results I was getting weren’t low carb. This means that the results will include results that contain low carb as a phrase or (that’s what the bar | symbol means) paleo since some paleo recipes will be low carb but won’t identify themselves as such.

Then I just browsed recipes until I found one that sounds good. Oddly, it’s a lupin flour recipe. The comments suggest it could work well with peanut flour, so I’m going to give that a try. (The low carb peanut flour recipes I find tend to be mostly sweet – interesting.)

I follow this procedure a lot, narrowing results as necessary to suit what I have on hand.


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