My goal is to get my food budget down to $150 per month. So far this month, I’ve spent $240, which admittedly includes the $18 for May and June TOPS dues so I should start splitting them out. (But $220 at mid-month is still not what I’m looking for.)

Since I realized I’ve been spending so much more than I hoped around the 15th of the month, I’ve been trying to limit my spending for the rest of the month to the $25 I had in my wallet at the time. I have lots of food in the house, as usual, so this will require some creativity but no hardship.

I bought 4 L of whole milk to keep myself stocked on yoghurt and I expect to spend the rest of the money on vegetables at the farmer’s market and one trip to the fish market. (When I pick up fish scraps for the dogs, I pick up some fish for myself. There are inexpensive options available like Basa and squid.)

Ever since I finished the last of my tuna, I’ve felt like eating tuna. I do have canned smoked oysters and canned smoked clams, so I poked around for recipes that use the ingredients I have that might help with the craving. Success: smoked oyster stuffed eggs.

I’ve started working on my summer garden so that should help with my food spending in a couple of months.


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