Low carb dogs eat vegetables

Today, I cooked up this mixture to include as the vegetable component in the dogs’ food:

2 cups water (I had just finished a carton of heavy cream so I shook the water in the empty carton before adding it to the pot to add some flavour)

a cup or so of whey from draining yoghurt to make a spread

a teaspoon of marmite (I have a couple of jars of it that I’m using up. I’m careful about giving the dogs salt, but figured that a teaspoon spread across several days’ meals would be OK.)

6 Tbsp. skinned urad dal

I boiled the ingredients above for about 20 minutes then added these and continued boiling until everything was tender:

1 1/2 lbs. of carrots, chopped

~6 leaves of savoy cabbage

After everything was cooked, I pureed the mixture and stirred in:

~1/3 cup of ground flax (I’ve been giving them each a teaspoon of flax with their food but thought including it with the vegetable instead might be a good idea)

Last week, the vegetable component of their meals was about 1/3 cup of celery sliced and cooked until very soft in fish broth with a bit of marmite added. I’m going to try giving them about 1/4 cup of this thicker mixture. (I’m very lucky that my dogs are happy eaters and have good digestion.)

I haven’t fed them lentils before, but they’ve had commercial foods that contained it. This is also my first time giving them cabbage. I was prepared for the possibility of a bit of extra flatulence while they adjust, but they’ve been doing well with lentils in the mix. (I actually switched to split peas when I last picked them up because they were nutritionally similar and a bit less expensive.)


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