Low cost sun protection

My grandma has skin cancer,  which has contributed to my caution about sun exposure. Vanity plays a part,  too.

I have a couple mostly full tubes of sun block (plus two tubes of face moisturizer with SPF15),  but given the time I spend outside walking dogs, gardening, and doing other things,  I could easily use them up quickly.  Not to mention that it can be a pain to remember to reapply as I sweat.

I wear a light -colored, washable brimmed hat frequently in summer,  which reduces my needs for sunblock on my face and neck. Today,  I gardened in a light-coloured, long-sleeved cotton flannel shirt, which was actually fairly comfortable. In combination with my gardening gloves,  I felt well-protected.

I looked up the sun protection that different types of clothing provides to confirm whether it was reasonable to believe cotton flannel has a high SPF. The fabrics that are typically higher are synthetics,  which would be horrible to wear in the heat, but cotton flannel is tightly woven, so it seems like a good choice.


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