Chicken liver pate

I followed this recipe with these changes: 1 cup of sliced shallots instead of the onion, a couple tablespoons of madeira instead of the port, white wine vinegar instead of the red, and omitted the cayenne. (Forgot it, actually.) I haven’t made the jelly, but I might (with madeira, of course). The pate tastes great.

I picked up my chicken livers from the Chinese market and there were 3 chicken hearts mixed in that I noticed when I was trimming off the fat and membranes. (They charge more for chicken hearts than for chicken livers, so I’m calling it a bonus.) I cooked the trimmings and chicken hearts together in some chicken broth for the dogs. Then I decided to blend some chicken broth to gather the pate that remained on the food processor bowl for the dogs. (I wouldn’t want to give them a lot of pate because of the salt in it, but having pate-flavoured broth in their food will be nice for them.)

Speaking of the Chinese market, I picked up 1 kg of whole squid for under $5. (Wild caught in the US, no less.) I’ve seen Alton Brown clean squid on Good Eats and it doesn’t seem particularly difficult, and of course whole squid is much less expensive than cleaned. I’m going to follow these instructions. Don’t know what recipe I’ll make yet.


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