Yeasted soy bread

I followed this recipe with with these changes: small amount of blackstrap molasses instead of sugar and defatted soy flour instead of organic soy flour. (I don’t know whether the recipe author intended full-fat soy flour.) I beat the batter with a silicone spatula instead of using my stand mixer. I recommend against touching the dough with anything but a silicone spatula – I oiled my hands thinking I could scoop it out with my hands to put it in the pan and ended up with the dough stuck all over my hands.

The bread rose well and smelled appealingly like normal yeast bread while it was baking. I think I’ll increase the salt to 3/4 tsp. next time since it tasted a touch flat to me.

The bread is definitely soy-y but eating it with a strong-tasting spread (chicken liver) fixes that. It was also great toasted and then topped with tuna salad and grated cheddar for a tuna melt.

It would probably be nice as a sweet bread if I added a bit of cinnamon and sweetener.

I want to add some flax seeds next time, but I haven’t figured out yet how much to add and how much to increase the water to compensate for what the flax absorbs.


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