Italian herb bread

Today, I made Italian herb bread from The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking. It’s delicious and slices easily after it cools. I think it would be a nice thing to make for a dinner party.

I ground skin-on almonds and golden flaxseeds in my food processor to make the flours, used fresh oregano and chives as the herbs, and used whole milk instead of soy milk (have soybeans soaking but haven’t made soy milk yet). After my dill comes in, I want to try making it with that instead since I love dill bread. I also decided to bake the bread in two mini loaf pans so that I can more easily give one of the loaves to my friend. (I filled them to the top and the bread rose nicely about 3/4″ above the pan.) As a result, the loaves baked about 15 minutes quicker than the recipe predicted.

I might try using schmaltz instead of butter next time.

I went to the bulk barn today and stocked up on dry goods: split peas and brewer’s yeast (for the dogs), soy beans, rolled oats (for liver dog treats), baking powder (I sure go through a lot of it making low carb bread), whole almonds, arrowroot flour (for homemade deodorant – it works better than natural deodorants I can buy), and coconut flour. I have another $3 off coupon (you’re only supposed to use one a week) so I’ll stop by next week and get some coconut oil with it since I haven’t seen any on sale lately. (I mostly use it in my chocolate.)


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