Roundabout ricotta

I tried to make yogurt yesterday using my slow cooker. I’ve done it before and it can work well, but I put it on high to get it to 180 degrees quicker then forgot about it and went out for several hours. Thankfully, it didn’t burn – just caramelized to the sides a bit. (The milk still tasted good.) So I continued on with the recipe. I wasn’t 100% sure that the leftover yogurt I had to culture it with would work – I had kept it warm in the oven and left the oven at 200 degrees for longer than I’d meant to, so I might have inadvertently pasteurized it. (In summary – I should use timers.) Anyway, this morning the milk remained liquid and not tangy. So I used it to make ricotta. The ricotta is a slightly beige colour because of the caramelization, but tastes just as good as ricotta made with fresh milk. Phew!

As usual, the whey went in the pot with the dogs’ chicken bones to enrich the broth I feed them and cook their vegetables in.

I also made a frittata today with sauteed minced shallot, sauteed lamb’s quarters leaves, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and whole milk. (I washed the lamb’s quarters 4 times since it seemed a bit gritty. Love the taste, though.)


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