I bought some of this at one point and quite enjoyed it. Of course, I don’t want the sugar or the high cost. I’m going to try this recipe with vegetable oil instead of peanut oil and 1/4 cup generic Splenda + 6 packets sodium cyclamate sweetener instead of the powdered sugar to start.

Peanuts are on sale for $1.75/lb at bulk barn, which it occurs to me works out to $2.89 for 750 g compared to $2.99 that seemed like a crazily good deal for Kraft just peanuts peanut butter. (Even though I don’t think it’s worth thinking about the cost of electricity, there’s definitely some peanut butter lost to sticking to the blender so the price is pretty comparable. But $2.99 is an unusually good price – $3.99 on sale is more typical. Of course, you’d want to buy the unsalted peanuts then add salt to the peanut butter, both to reduce the risk of oversalting the peanut butter and to avoid the HST on salted peanuts.)


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