The Big Fat Surprise

I just finished reading The Big Fat Surprise (which I took out from the library). It’s very persuasive – I plan to start recommending it to friends instead of Why We Get Fat and What to do About It. (They’re both great books, but not everyone wants to read as many books as I do.) Its criticisms of vegetable oils were particularly interesting. I’d gotten the message that saturated fat isn’t harmful but not the message that heated polyunsaturated fats can be harmful.

I have a jug of vegetable oil in the cupboard that I’ll keep on hand for the occasional recipe that requires oil or for the occasional meal with a vegetarian or vegan friend since I’m not worried about eating a small amount of it, but otherwise I’m going to try to stick to butter, coconut oil, and chicken fat for cooking and baking. (I haven’t seen much about deep frying in chicken fat, but I want to try it. I’ve had french fries fried in duck fat at a fancy restaurant – yum – so I don’t see why I couldn’t deep fry in chicken fat.)

Speaking of coconut oil, I picked up 500 g for $8.39 minus a $3 off $10 coupon at bulk barn today. (I bought some bulk rooibos tea, too – my total was $7.05, so I optimized the coupon nicely.)

I’ve been craving beef today, so I walked over to the Chinese market and picked up a pound of ground beef ($2.99/lb) and an onion (59 cents/lb). Dinner was burgers with fried onions, cheese, mustard, pickled peppers, and pickles. Yum! Beef craving satisfied.


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