Coconut milk bread

I made this recipe with these changes: I used lemon juice instead of vinegar and blackstrap molasses instead of honey. (Blackstrap molasses is, of course, not a low carb choice, but it should work out to an extra net carb or less per slice, so I’m not too worried about it.)

Wow – this might be the best low-carb bread I’ve made. It’s slightly sweet and definitely tastes like coconut. When I toasted it, the crust got especially crisp. I ate a couple thin slices for breakfast, toasted and spread with cream cheese. (If your cream cheese is too hard, the bread will break up a bit while you’re spreading the cream cheese. It didn’t bother me.)

I’ve taken to pulsing the almond flour with the other dry ingredients in my blender instead of stirring it up to get it a bit more finely ground, since I’m making my own almond flour with natural almonds.

I bought whole psyllium husk a while ago, powdered it in my blender, and I keep it in the freezer with the rest of my nuts and flours.

I always wonder whether recipes mean traditional coconut milk or the thinner coconut milk intended as a soy milk replacement. In this case, I used traditional coconut milk.


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