Non scale indicators

I missed TOPS two weeks in a row – not ideal, obviously. On the up side, my weight still seems to be creeping down. I’m seeing 210-212 on my home scale most of the time.

A couple non-scale indicators: I noticed today that when I breathe in my belly is covered with water in the bathtub. I can’t remember the last time that was the case. (My bathtub is fairly big and deep.)

My shirts are fitting more loosely, too, so I seem to be losing more weight on top. (Initially, the dramatic changes were in my pant size.) I picked up a couple of size Large t-shirts at the thrift store and they fit well. Weird not to be wondering if the XL is big enough!

Today, I have a job interview and I’m wearing a suit jacket and skirt I bought a few months ago. Originally, I was only able to wear the suit jacket because the skirt was too tight. Today, the skirt fits beautifully. (The suit is wool, which I’m not looking forward to in the 27 degree weather, but the interview is ridiculously close to my house so it’ll be fine.)


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