Beef heart

I picked up a 2 1/2 lb beef heart for $2/lb today. I’ve cooked beef heart but had never actually eaten it before – I cooked it for my ex-husband when I was vegetarian. At that price, I figured I’d slow-cook it and share it with my dogs. I simmered it on low in chicken broth for about 4 hours.

My first portion of it was thinly sliced and dipped in horseradish mayo. It reminds me of good roast beef cold cuts. (Not the rubbery ones.) I love that because there’s no grain to the meat it doesn’t get stuck in my teeth. It’s not marbled, of course, but I still found it moist. (I’m eating it at meals where I eat another source of fat.)

This post, which started with a question about the nutritional profile of the fat, has some interesting stuff about how different people like to eat the heart. I’d assumed that it was always slow cooked – I want to try grilling it next time. (This post is perhaps the most useful. It says to save the fat to make tallow and describes searing the meat like filet mignon and then serving it with a flavoured butter. Yum!)

(I didn’t trim the heart before cooking it as the first link describes. I didn’t notice a membrane on the outside of the heart – maybe it tenderized from the low cooking. There are some veins and stuff in the middle, but I’ll just favour that part for sharing with the dogs.)





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