Low carb instead of weight loss surgery

This is such a great story to read. I’m amazed she lost so much weight so quickly, but not that she was able to lose the weight – it’s very clear to me these days that carbohydrates can cause extreme weight gain in some individuals. (Whether my top weight of almost 250 lbs is extreme is a matter of opinion. I know that people with a BMI similar to mine at that time and with similar health have had weight loss surgery. I never considered it – after failing at dozens of low-calorie diets between the ages of 13 and 23, I followed HAES and fat acceptance until I tried TOPS and then LCHF.)

I have an acquaintance who had weight-loss surgery – she’s about 5’6 and weighed over 500 lbs. She was a ‘success’ – she got down to 160 or so within the first couple years then had surgery to remove excess skin. (I helped her to dress one of the wounds that her surgery left her with. It took months to heal.) Eventually she started regaining the weight – certainly not all of it, but enough given her strict diet and exercise regime.

I am curious about whether someone who had weight loss surgery could tolerate LCHF eating without requiring surgery to revise the configuration of their stomachs. I expect it depends on the particular surgery they had. My friend gets quite ill when she eats fatty foods, but I’m not sure how much of that is because she’s not accustomed to eating them. When I started eating LCHF, it took my stomach a while to adjust – I had steatorrhea and took antacids more frequently during the first month or so. (The steatorrhea resolved itself without any intervention, other than taking some digestive enzymes until the one bottle I bought ran out.)


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