Vitamin supplements

I’ve been taking omega 3s, vitamin D, and a calcium-vitamin D pill daily for a while. Why? Because I bought big bottles of them and I don’t want them to go to waste.

I’m not convinced I need the crutch. The only vitamin or mineral my doctor recommends is vitamin D. I’m fair skinned and spend enough time outside that I’m not convinced I need it in summer. In winter, I think I’ll start taking halibut or cod liver oil capsules because then I’ll get omega 3s packaged with my vitamin D.

The doctor has recommended iron in the past, but when I ran out I stopped taking it and my iron levels have been good when I’ve donated blood. (I normally go every 2 months but summer heat and allergies have delayed my June donation.)

I consume enough cheese that I’m not worried about calcium. And I consume a wide enough variety of foods that I don’t think I need the general coverage of a multivitamin. (Even though I’m a 35 year old woman, I don’t worry about folic acid because I’m not planning to have children and I’m on very reliable birth control.)

So, after I finish the pills I’ve already bought, my low cost low carb lifestyle will include no supplements in summer, cod liver or halibut liver oil capsules in winter.


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