Low carb dogs eat bone smoothie

I’ve read a lot that suggests that giving dogs a bit of ground bone is good for them. This weekend, when I cooked their chicken, I picked out the larger bones and put them in the compost but set aside the smaller bones with their attached meat to boil further. I covered them in chicken broth and simmered them on low for another day. Then I cooled them by putting the pot in a large bowl filled with ice water. I blended them for a minute or two (it took 2 batches for the bones from 8 lbs of chicken) then put them in glass jars. The larger pieces of bone sunk to the bottom, so it was easy to see when I dumped out the blender whether I’d blended them finely enough. When I hadn’t, I just put them back in the blender and blended for longer.

I’m going to freeze most of this smoothie mixture and try giving the dogs a tablespoon or two with meals at first to see how they handle it. So obviously I won’t be doing this with the small bones every week.


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