Woo-hoo – 209 lbs on my home scale

I saw 209 lbs on my home scale for the first time today. I’ll definitely go to TOPS this week (I missed the last two weeks) to see what my official weight is, but it’s definitely creeping down. (When I hit 207.5, I’ll have lost 40 lbs, which blows my mind. The most I ever lost on an intentional diet before was 15 lbs on weight watchers in about 2002.)

I went through my clothes yesterday and set aside some items for goodwill. I’ve also picked up some new-to-me, smaller t-shirts and short-sleeved blouses that fit much better.

I was definitely wearing bras that were too small when I was heavier since most of them fit properly on the smallest hook right now. It won’t be too long ’til I have to go down a band size, but for now I’m fine in that department. (Thankfully, I’m not particularly busty so inexpensive bras work fine for me. I do love the pretty ones, though.)


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