Market trip

This week’s trip to the market was a mix of high and low cost items:

$2 for a basket of green bell peppers, discounted because they have some spots that ripened to yellow

$3 for a basket of tomatoes

$18 for an organic summer sausage (an extravagance, but it’s big, delicious, and it’ll make great low carb snacks)

$1 for a slightly older celery

$3.50 for chicken carcasses for the dogs (I decided that they’re really not that much trouble, even though I’m working.)

$5.50 for a flat of grade B eggs

$5 for a pound of country bacon (that’s the stuff with the bone in)

I still have a cucumber, most of a ridiculously huge head of romaine, carrots, and onions in the fridge and black currants and fresh garlic in the garden.


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