Fermented dill pickles

I picked up a basket of pickling cucumbers at the farmer’s market for $3.50. I followed this recipe to make 4 L of fermented dill pickles. (They’re like Strub’s full sour kosher dills, but kosher dill has come to mean any pickle made with garlic.) The recipe doesn’t say to let the brine cool before you pour it over the cucumbers, but you should.

I mixed up my own pickling spice by following this recipe since I keep all the ingredients in the pantry, but I don’t keep pickling spice on hand. I used fresh garlic from my garden.

I knew that my finely ground sea salt would be more dense than the large granule salt the recipe calls for, so I just used less (4 1/2 tablespoons). It’s not iodized, which is the main thing you need for pickles.

Anyway, these will ferment away on the counter and in a few weeks I’ll be eating pickles. 


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