Time article on fat

I finally got to read the full version of the Time magazine article on dietary fat. It’s quite good for something that was published in such a mainstream forum.

On mornings when I haven’t had time to have enough breakfast to sustain me ’til lunch, I’ve been drinking a cup of 18% cream. (8 grams of carbs and 46 grams of fat.) I take 2 lactaid with it since I’m lactose intolerant. It tastes awesome (it’s a cup of cream) and does seem to help a lot with satiety.

I finished my first full week at work yesterday. (I worked 3 days the week before.) I still haven’t made it to a TOPS meeting for an official weigh-in, but I was seeing 212 or 213 earlier in the week and I seem to be back down to 210 now. I don’t want to let my weight creep back up while I’m working.



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