Sesame flour bagels

I made the batter for Italian cloverleaf rolls from the Joy of Gluten Free Sugar Free Baking, minus the herbs. I baked it in my doughnut pans. I filled a large one that holds 6 and the remaining batter filled 8 of the 12 tiny doughnut holes in my other one.

Making sesame flour was very easy – I did it in my blender just as I do ground flax. The bagels are strong tasting, but since sesame is a normal flavour for bagels, I think it works. Sesame seeds cost about $3/lb at Johnvince Foods (a great bulk store in Toronto I visited on the weekend), making this a less expensive recipe.

It’s been very novel to have a toasted bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. I recommend toasting them lightly – they get a bit crumbly and more strongly sesame flavoured if they’re toasted for longer. I must get some smoked salmon!


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