Hot cross buns (!)

I made the hot cross buns from The Joy of Gluten Free, Sugar Free Baking tonight, minus the crosses. My substitutions: 3 packets sodium cyclamate sweetener + 2 Tbsp. generic splenda instead of the sweetener the recipe called for, and an equal weight of unsweetened dessicated coconut, ground with the almonds, instead of coconut flour. The coconut substitution was because I started making the recipe thinking I had coconut flour but I actually had soy flour. (They look alike but they sure don’t smell alike.) I baked them in my donut pans – it made 7 large donuts + 24 small donuts.

They’re really good! I miss the raisins, of course, but the spices are nice, they’re very rich from 1/2 cup of butter, and the balance of sweetener is good. (I do want to try making candied peel with xylitol and erythritol sometime. Chopped, sugar-free candied peel would be a nice addition for fewer carbs than raisins. If you don’t like store bought candied peel, it doesn’t compare with homemade – homemade is a million times better.)


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