Low carb emergency preparedness

I was looking at a list of foods to keep around for emergency preparedness and thinking about what I’d have to meet my current dietary needs.

Foods which work well for emergency food storage:

–Ready-to-eat, canned meats, fruits and vegetables

–Smoked or dried meat like beef jerky

Juices – canned or powdered drink mixes

–Dried soups (maybe, although I’m not aware of any low carb ones)

Milk – powdered or canned We use shelf-stable half and half cream at work. Not sure if it’s possible to get table cream, but it’d be preferable to milk, anyway. 

–Peanut butter and jelly (I’d say unless you can homemade, sugar-free jams and jellies as I do, but in the absence of crackers I’m not sure they’d be all that useful


–High energy foods such as nuts,trail mix and hard candy

Cookies and granola barsI can get canned brie and parmesan crisps, so maybe those would be a good option

Dried fruit90% cacao chocolate

–Instant potatoes

–Cold cereals


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